Every  serious artist continually grapples with the problematics of art - the ongoing wrestling match with context, meaning, purpose and self:  the real work in being an artist.


The problematics of art are resolved through thinking and through plastic realizations and actions. The troublesome burdens of style and form fall away during the work of capturing the moment. Meaning is moments added to moments that result in mindful creation.


This is artwork. This is Bruxism.


What is a moment comprised of?  Everything.  - movement, the atmosphere of a place, the curve and volume of somebody, colors in reflection...........


New directions in performance art will be used to sell cars, hamburgers and insurance.

New vistas in plastic art will be falsely replicated and mass-produced.


So what?  This is Bruxism.

Art is a marker of time, a show of strength, a social bond, an opportunity, a series of questions and of realizations.


 The style, the look, of the artwork is a cast-off: sometimes worth millions, but in many respects worthless. Art is going nowhere. That's the good news.


Kevin Sullivan