Kevin Sullivan


Education:  Bachelor of Arts, UCLA 1988, Painting / Performance Art


Solo Exhibitions:


2019                     6 or 7 Paintings, 2 or 3 Sculptures, 1 Rock and Roll Band, LSH Colab, Los Angeles, CA

2015                     24 Views of Bolsa Chica, Alias Books East, Los Angeles, CA

2000                     This is Bruxism, Gallery 207 West Hollywood, CA

1995                      Jose Freire Fine Art, New York, NY.

1994                      AB Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1993                      Jose Freire Fine Art, New York, NY.

1992                      E. Krokus Crock, Sue Spaid Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

1991                      Residuum, Sue Spaid Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

                               The Guest Room, Los Angeles, CA


2018                     Towards an Ape Theatre, Part VI, Darmstadt, Germany 

2016                     Towards an Ape Theatre, Pasadena, CA

2010                     Art Procedure in Movement, Los Angeles

2000                     The Fashion Show, George's, Los Angeles

                              Bobblehead Andy, California Plaza, Los Angeles

1998                     Ippolit, Paris, France

1991                     Conversation with Paul Varnac, Art Talk Art, Foundation for Art Resources (FAR),

                                     Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

1988                     Diaries of Paul Varnac, LACE, Los Angeles

                              Varnac Radio Broadcast, KCRW Radio, Santa Monica, CA

1987                     Introducing Paul Varnac, Livestock, Los Angeles

1986                     Gutterball, UCLA Campus, Los Angeles

                              Performance for my Father, UCLA Campus, Los Angeles

1985                     Dum Dum, Santa Monica, CA

                              Fountain Piece, UCLA Campus, Los Angeles

                              In Memory of Heat, Circumstance, Culver City, CA

                              High Performance Magazine Benefit (with collective Eisenhower), Los Angeles

1984                     Zoo Truth, UCLA Campus, Los Angeles


Artists Books:


2016                      Towards an Ape Theatre, Parts I-V

2014                      old taco bells

2010                      Art Procedure in Movement

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018                     9th International Waldkunstpfad, Darmstadt, Germany

2011                     Tapestry, Los Angeles County Fair, Pomona, CA

                                    Judge’s Award of Merit

2000                     The Fashion Show, George’s, Los Angeles, CA

                              The White Album curated by Jan Tumlir

                                     Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1999                      Paintings; fore and aft, ACME, Los Angeles, CA

                               Motion Studies curated by Michael Darling

                                     Performance Festival Odense, Denmark

                               Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

                               Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

                               Daydreaming, curated by Leonard Bravo

                                      George’s, Los Angeles, CA

1998                      Stupid Humans, Ron Dickles Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

1996                      Be Specific, curated by Michael Duncan

                                      Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

                               Sugar Mountain, curated by Paul Ha and Andrea Scott

                                      White Columns, New York, NY

1995                      It’s Only Rock and Roll: Rock and Roll Currents in Contemporary Art,

                                      curated by David S. Rubin, catalogue and traveling exhibition through                                                   1998 including The Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona; The Contemporary                                                   Arts Museum, Houston; The Milwaukee Art Museum, WI and others

                               Center for International Grievances, Lotus Motel, Inglewood,  CA

                                      collaboration with Erik Otsea and Bernardo Zavatini

                               Apex Art, New York NY

1994                      Nancy Solomon Gallery, Atlanta, GA

                               Jose Freire Fine Art, New York, NY

                               Altered  Egos, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

                               Interdisciplinary, curated by Sue Spaid

                                    Woodbury University Art Gallery, Burbank, CA

                               The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY

1993                      Heaven Missing, Jose Freire Fine Art, New York, NY

                               The Elegant, Irreverent and Obsessive,  California State University, Fullerton, CA

1992                      The Adrenaline Scan, curated by Marnie Weber

                                      Otis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                               Max Hetzler Gallery, Cologne, Germany

                               Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                               Real Tears,  curated by Glen Helfand

                                        Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco, CA

                               Industrial Heros, Los Angeles, CA

                               PTYX, Sue Spaid Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

1991                      Ovarian Warriors vs. Knights of Crissum, Sue Spaid Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

1988                      LACE, Los Angeles, CA

                               Barnsdall Art Center, Los Angeles, CA

1987                      Kevin Sullivan and Jan Tumlir Collaborative Works, Livestock, Los Angeles, CA

                               Artlandish, Los Angeles, CA

                               Top Art, Better Homes/Living End galleries, Los Angeles, CA

1986                      Gilbert Brebes/Carter Potter/Kevin Sullivan, Living End Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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